Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Elancourt: our life consists of anecdotes

A turkish guy living in Germany having problems to find a girl to marry theregoes for holydays to Turkey. A friend asks if he could take a gift for an aunt, he agrees. In Turkey the guy finds the adress where to deliver the gift. A pretty girl opens the door. He sees her and right in the next moment he takes his mobile phone and calls his mother in Germany: send me somebody for negotiation – i found the girl i gonna marry!

In few days the marriage is arranged, the girl doen't mind, she likes the idea to move to Germany. Before the wedding the couple goes to a jeweller to order the rings. They want their names to be engraved. The shopkeeper asks their names. The guy says: well, my name is Hasan. - he turns to his bride: and what's your name?

In the canteen:

N: what's for lunch today?

M: well it doesn't look good :-/

N: you think so? But it's lasagne, it's always delicious! Let's try it!

M: no, thanks, i take some potatoes and salad

N: mh, i will try it. I like lasagne, can't resist.

N: (½ h later leaving the loo) how did you know that damn lasagne wasn't good?!

M: i'm an artist. I just didn't like the colours :-)

Hasan and his bride:

Hasan, tell me, how we gonna go to Germany?

By the plane

Oh, i've never seen one. How does it goes?

Well, on the track of course!